Water Safety Resources

In the Tri-Lakes area, water safety is an important topic. 

Whether the water is fluid or frozen, safety should always be a priority.

While the Tri-Lakes offers swim lessons/water safety in the summer, there are also additional resources available for Washington County residents. 

Here are links to those resources. If residents have a particular interest in a certain area, they are encouraged to present ideas to a member of the Tri-Lakes Board to discuss. 

MN DNR Boating Safety Website

A list of publications HERE


–        Man Overboard

–        Cold Water Kills there are tips for an emergency and how to assist someone with hypothermia

–        Danger Thin Ice! How to rescue someone from the ice  

Tons of cold water information: http://www.coldwaterbootcamp.com/pages/home.html There are DVDs that you can also get from this website.

There are also videos on YouTube if you search: Cold Water Boot Camp.

Ice Safety Webpage

Cold Water Webpage